Mary Martha Maddox 

Marketing Director for Capital Square, LLC

Currently serving as the Marketing Director for Capital Square, LLC. Mary Maddox has been with Capital Square since January 2019 and plans to continue her career in the finance industry. Mary maintains various social media platforms for the company and is currently working on updating Capital Square’s website. Mary enjoys creating effective marketing campaigns along with informational graphics. 

Mary is currently pursuing her Masters of Business Administration in Management at Tennessee Wesleyan University. Mary graduated in May 2019 from Lee University with a double-major in Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing and Digital Media with an emphasis in Studio Production. Mary has experienced many professional opportunities throughout her career and had the opportunity to intern at various locations including Tennova Healthcare, Salon Media Group, Tennessee Wesleyan University, WTVC News Channel 9, SP2, Capital Square LLC, and The LITE House. In the spring of 2018, Mary participated in the McCandlish Phillips Institute New York City Semester in Journalism at The King’s College and completed an internship at Salon Media Group.

When Mary is not working at Capital Square, she enjoys building websites and designing logos for new companies. Mary enjoys working with start-up companies in the Chattanooga area. Mary also enjoys traveling around the world and trying new foods. Mary studied abroad in Australia, Israel, and Europe. A few of Mary’s favorite countries that she has visited included Greece, New Zealand, Italy, and Australia.




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423 877 6708

6736 Executive Oak Lane
Chattanooga, TN 37421